Letter from the Director

New Beginning Fellowship Center believes that everyone should have a second chance to change their life. We also believe that for every human problem, there is a solution. For over twenty years our organization has maintained a presence in the community with a primary goal of offering a solution to all those in need. New Beginning Fellowship Center has always been a “first responder” in the fight against substance abuse and it is our commitment to continue to educate and serve the community on drugs and alcoholism.

As the founding member and executive director of the New Beginning Fellowship Center, I thank you all for your interest and support in our mission, which is to provide a pathway to a sober lifestyle through recovery. I personally have been on both sides of the substance abuse problem and spent many years as an active addict in need of recovery before I found a program that helped me to heal and regain control of my life. What I found in sobriety is a life beyond my greatest dreams. My commitment to a program of recovery, treatment, and long-term sobriety is the foundation of New Beginning Fellowship Center’s 12-Step process.

If you are visiting our site for the first time it is very likely you or someone you know has a substance abuse concern and is searching for a solution. Addiction is all too common in every walk of life today and needs to be addressed and resolved. There is life beyond addiction and the New Beginning Fellowship Center has a treatment program that has the highest success rate for long-term sobriety. I urge you to search the site, if you are seeking a solution. Chances are you will find one.

Very Sincerely Yours,

Alonzo Mitchell, C.C.D.C.

Executive Director

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