The New Beginning Fellowship Center

New Beginning Fellowship Center is more than a treatment facility for alcohol and substance abuse. Our program is a way of life in sobriety that is focused on three key components for success; Treatment, Recovery, and Support.

We offer a full range of services in the treatment of alcohol, substance abuse, and behavioral maladies utilizing the latest clinical approach to a permanent solution. Our staff is certified, accredited, and participate in a continuing education program to maintain maximum effectivity.

Providing full intervention services, counseling and treatment programs, short and long term sober living facilities, and limited financial assistance in a clean and sober environment.

New Beginning Fellowship Center has the highest success rate for permanent recovery of any treatment facility or group in the Western United States. We focus on long-term solution

Find the pathway to a sober, better life here with New Beginning Fellowship Center.

Our treatment is based on the spiritual principles first defined in the Alcoholics Anonymous program and detailed in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. New Beginning Fellowship Center and the Fountain Valley Alano Club supports and sponsors the twelve step programs of recovery that have developed from these principles. I am proud of the good work we have done promoting a better way of life through sober living.


Alonzo Mitchell


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