I am so grateful that the doors were open and lights were on at New Beginnings in May of 2003. It truly was the last house on the block for me. It was also where the beginning of the rest of my life started. I came homeless, hopeless, and helpless and all out of answers and sick and tired of living the way I had, or I should say existing. New Beginning was truly a New Beginning for me and life. I was in a safe place separated from drugs and alcohol for the first time in my life outside of jail. There were people there that were just like me or at one time just like me that had found a way up and out…. They took me in and loved me and gave me what had been given to them a design for living. I can’t not find the words for the love and respect I have for Alonzo Mitchell who has became like a father I never had… and New Beginnings a home that I had always been searching for. My life is amazing and my foundation began at New beginnings. I too now have a design for living and have began to Sarah J

I was asked to share a few words of how New Beginnings Fellowship helped me. Frankly, I don’t even know where to begin. How does one properly. convey a transformational event that continues to evolve to this day? Is it even possible to elaborate on a level of freedom and liberty where words fall short? How does one properly communicate to readers an unmatched level of contentment and joy? Well, here is my best attempt to do so. Seven, maybe eight years. That is how long I was a hopeless addict lost in world of deceit and delusions with only one daily goal – the next fix. Once a Vice President of a biomedical concern my addiction converted me to a parasite living on the street. This was not the life I imagined as a child. This was not the son my parents had raised. This was not the man my wife married. But all this changed. In February, 2000, I walked into the New Beginnings Fellowship Center and Mr. Alonzo Mitchell went to work. Utilizing all the resources at his disposal, Mr. Mitchell’s tireless efforts towards me and many, many other guided us to overcome our addiction. But this was just a beginning, a New Beginning. Something happened that defies explanation. A new life emerged. I had previously viewed others only as instruments for my personal gain, I now seek to help others without any expectation of reciprocation. Instead of simply organic backdrop, flowers, plants, animals, all these manifestations of creation bring endless inspiration. No longer is each day another “to-do list” but is now a exciting opportunity with immeasurable joy. I live more deeply. I love more deeply. I appreciate more deeply. I value more deeply. I had begun an unknowing and wonderful transformation. There exists a spiritual component to my day, my life; a spiritual barometer if you will, one without deference or discrimination towards religious ideals, but rather a philosophical, moral, and deeply profound value for life and all its rewards. I am forevermore indebted. In the simplest of terms New Beginnings Fellowship and Mr. Mitchell saved and transformed my life, and changed the lives of my family. Nigel Jay  
Listen up everyone you can help The Newbeginning Treatment Center by referring anyone you know with a substance abuse problem to the Director and Founder Mr. Alonzo Mitchell. Even if you are out of state you can come into one of the In house facilities. If you’ve got a DUI and are about to do some Jail time, give him a call. Many a man has been spared because of this man’s tireless work in this field. I know because almost 12 years ago I came through this program and I tell you it was God sent. They deal with recovery on the Mind, Body, and Spirit. – Minister Speed

I went through this program for a possesion charge, at the time I was caught up experimenting with meth. In denial of an addiction I was forced by the courts to go through prop36, two years later and for the better I am glad I went through the new beginning fellowship center. I am a better human being now, know my weaknesses and stay away from bad influences.


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