WHY IT IS IMPORTANT TO HAVE THIS EVENT? There are numerous outlets of support groups, resources, treatment centers and government offices that play crucial roles in the movement of recovery from addiction and alcoholism. Though how often can all these resources be utilized by those in recovery or those who still suffers from the disease of alcoholism and/or drug addiction. Looking in a phone book, searching the web or just roaming the city can cause fatigue for an individual who needs resources immediately. This is the first of many events that will be held in order to create tighter networks in recovery and to give the public an ultimate resource to finding what is needed to enrich their recovery. As we are still in the planning stages of the event, it is important to get the word out.   Get involved to get connected!      

The OC Recovery Walk

Recovery is an important issue that requires tremendous support from family, friends, the community, health care, social services, political leaders, law enforcement, treatment center and support groups. Our main goal in this event to be able to network all these resources to those in need of recovery, those who are seeking recovery and those who need resources to get to the next level of recovery.


The OC Recovery Walk 2015 

Fountain Valley, CA –  The New Beginning Fellowship Center together with the Fountain Valley Alano Club will be hosting the Orange County Recovery Walk 2015. The Orange County Recovery Walk is an event that seeks to enhance the strength and hope of reaching out to those who are in recovery, those seeking recovery, family and friends seeking resources to a loved one in addiction and those who are trapped in the stigma of drug and alcohol addiction. Our mission is to execute an annual event that provides a strong presence of recovery and ultimate resource for outreach. Health Care, Addiction Recovery Treatment Centers, Support Groups, Job Placement, County Resources, Sober Living Homes, Shelters, Education and the information of where to find help. Special guest speakers, Live Entertainment, Vendors, Food Booths and various Food Trucks will be at the event to ensure to ensure to make this event memorable to all who attend. Celebrating an event of this magnitude, it will increase the awareness and preventive measure to battle against the growing epidemic of addiction. Alone, there is little to no hope, but together, we become the faces and the giant voice of recovery. The OC Recovery Walk is not only a day to celebrate successful recovery, but it is a day to give strength to those just needing help.

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