Intensive Outpatient Treatment

The Outpatient Intensive Rehabilitation Program provides a thorough clinical and medical assessment with both primary and extended treatment services for adults 18 years of age and older.

During their treatment stay, each client is assigned a treatment team that includes a physician, case manager, psychologist, primary counselor, case manager, spiritual care counselor and family care. This team is responsible for assessing and working with each client to establish both an individualized plan of care and post-treatment recommendations.

The weekday schedule includes but is not limited to individual therapy, specialty groups, self-help educational lectures and group therapy, the core of New Beginning Fellowship Treatment. In the second and third month of treatment, clients participate in intensive workshops that explore critically important issues such as trauma, relapse and codependency.

Upon exiting the program clients will possess a better understanding of the disease of addiction and recognize the necessity and importance of 12-Step involvement.

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