Extended After Care Treatment Program

Aftercare provides a continuation of counseling and support once the drug rehab program has been successfully completed. Many aftercare programs insist that clients be sober for a period of time before entering into aftercare services, but other aftercare programs may be extensions of in-patient drug rehab programs.

Aftercare is available in a variety of formats. Sometimes, residential drug rehab facilities will offer aftercare immediately following treatment. The aftercare may be short-term or available as long as the client needs. Some of these aftercare programs include alumni who share success stories and even sponsor alumni group meetings or special events.

Sober living homes are another type of aftercare. These are clean and sober environments where those who have completed drug rehab may choose to live but which do not offer treatment or therapy groups. Persons living in sober homes share responsibilities among themselves as they prepare to transition back into a life of full responsibility.

Outpatient aftercare is the most common. This type of aftercare offers regular support while the person is re-entering daily life. Outpatient aftercare usually provides opportunities to concentrate on skills to prevent relapse, help with relational skills, tools for managing stress, anxiety and/or anger, understanding the dynamics of family, recognizing and addressing personal triggers, dealing with temptations and sometimes, random drug/alcohol testing.

Aftercare is a key component in living a successful life of recovery and sobriety. It is the bridge that helps clients keep hold of the things they’ve learned and gained as they embark upon a new way of living.

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