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Helping Others Find Alcohol And Drug Treatment  

Chemical dependency is a deadly and pervasive illness. Treatment resources for alcohol and drug rehabilitation are inadequate to meet the needs. Many chemically dependent patients can’t afford the cost of treatment needed to support recovery.

 In many instances, addiction is viewed differently than other chronic diseases with high potential for relapse. Medical insurance often will not be an option for an individual seeking alcohol and drug rehabilitation at a residential facility. In addition, should a person attempt to use their benefit at a facility other than a hospital, their benefits are limited and they feel the need to leave treatment early.  

Where will my donation be used?

All donations are tax deductible as a contribution made to a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. You can designate your gift and choose the program you want to benefit. You may also leave your gift unrestricted and we’ll use it where it’s needed most.


Possibilities ContributionsGive-Hope-

  Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is foremost and vital to The New Beginning Fellowship Center’s charitable cause. These unrestricted funds are needed for growth and the long-term stability of the organization.

  Still Hope Foundation

Donations to our “Still Hope Foundation” Fund supports and provide perpetual grants for scholarships generated by annual earned interest. The Still Hope Program began on January 2010 and now helps as many patients a year with the cost of alcohol and drug addiction treatment.

Patient Scholarships

Donations may be designated for immediate use for a patient struggling with cost of treatment.

  Facility Improvements & Capital Projects

One of our goals is to provide a comfortable alcohol and drug addiction treatment environment for our patients. In order to meet this goal, we are constantly updating and improving our facilities. Facility Improvement donations are used for things like refurbishing patient rooms and purchasing recreational equipment for patient use.

Recovery Center of Choice

You may designate your gift to the facility of your choice: The Beginning Fellowship Center, Fountain Valley Alano Club or the Residential Sober Living Homes.

Patient Assistance Needs

Gifts to this fund help with primary and immediate (non-scholarship) items such as treatment-related books, transportation and sober living home needs.

  Memorial/Honorary Gift

Memorial and honorary gifts are a wonderful way to celebrate someone’s sobriety or a special occasion, thank a friend or relative for their support, honor a special person in your life, or remember the life of a loved one.

  Matching Gifts

You can often double or triple your gift to the New Beginning Fellowship Center with matching funds provided by your employer. Check with your company’s personnel office to see if a gift-matching option is offered.

  donationsOther Information for Non-Cash Donations  

All donations are tax deductible as a contribution made to a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Types of non-cash donations are acceptable:


Water Crafts


Real Estate

Gift Cards


Volunteering Time




Donate-buttonAll non-cash contributions will be used to help better our operations here at the New Beginning Fellowship Center and to assist our scholarship programs. Cash Contributions are always welcomed during this hard-economical time in order to help support the prosperity in giving those a chance to have a place to find serenity during their recovery.

We have many ways for you to donate and to support the New Beginning Fellowship Center.501c3


Please contact The New Beginning Fellowship Center @ 714-839-2515 for more information.


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