Anger Management

Anger management is one of the fastest-growing areas of personal development today, benefiting program participants, their families and co-workers and the public. Our Anger Management coaching for adolescents and adults is based on Emotional Intelligence skill enhancement for impulse control. You can apply to participate in an anger management program on your own, but most participants are referred to the program by probation departments, courts, jails or prisons. Criminal and traffic courts turn to anger management programs to treat individuals.

Our Program teaches people how to deal with anger in a positive, functional way. It’s for people who express anger verbally or behaviorally in ways that negatively impact quality of life, personal relationships or business. But it’s also for those who internalize anger. It’s for people who decide on their own that they want to make a change, and for those who are ordered to get help.

Each class is conducted by a skilled instructor and includes lectures, discussions and a relaxation session that teaches arousal awareness and control. All participants are encouraged to share ideas, experiences and information so they can develop self-awareness. The supportive environment provides a great opportunity for examining your own behavior and personal attitudes, and it will motivate you to make positive changes.

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