Alcohol and Drug Education

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          Although the behavioral, interpersonal, and social consequences of the use of alcohol or other drugs can be quite similar, the physiological and psychological responses differ according to the classification of the chemical ingested. Adverse health reactions can result from both abusive and moderate use of any classification. While chronic health problems are often associated with long-term misuse and abuse, acute and traumatic instances can occur from one-time and moderate execution of the substance. Such negative results are as dependent upon the circumstances of the use as they are upon whether the user is addicted drugs or alcoholic. As a summary of the health implications of alcohol or other drug use, our counselor will help assess the classifications, depth of treatment and education needed. Alcohol, as society’s most abused drug, is the one classification, followed by other depressant drugs, stimulants, marijuana, and hallucinogens. Our counselor will educate clients and provide descriptive nature of their problems and map out solutions in order to develop a road into rehabilitation.

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